Become a smarter health care consumer in only six hours!

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Dr. Jodi Shaefer will be teaching this course through Anne Arundel Community College.

Dr. Shaefer has learned what health care consumers need to know by talking to real people about their health problems.

In this course, she will use some of these situations to teach you how to deal effectively with problems that many people encounter in our modern health care system. You will learn how to ask the right questions to improve your care and control costs.

You will learn about...
  1. How to prepare for visits to the doctor, including the questions to ask and information to bring.
  2. The training and specialties of doctors and other health care providers.
  3. How to record and communicate your health history in an easy format.
  4. The organization of hospitals, doctor's offices, and HMO's, and how to make them work for you.
  5. Reliable sources of health information, including, books, organizations, and Internet sites.
  6. Common mental health problems, professionals, and strategies for obtaining help.
  7. Health insurance and options if care is denied or delayed.

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Work with your doctor to stay healthy.
We will help you become an active, informed member of your health care team. This session will be a discussion of your concerns. You will learn how:

  • To ask your doctor key questions at each visit to get the best care
  • To figure out the type of doctor you should see for your health need
  • To prepare your health history (no more repeating the same information over & over)
  • To guard against medical errors by becoming an informed health care consumer
  • To protect your rights in an increasing complex health care system

Work with your HMO/hospital to stay healthy.
Getting the health care you need has gotten more complicated. We will show you how to get the most out of your health care system. You will learn how:

  • To get timely referrals to a specialist
  • To use the hospital, private office, and HMO 'system' to your best advantage
  • To make Medicare work for you (Medicare secrets revealed)
  • To appeal if your care is denied or delayed
  • To locate reliable health information to become a savvy health care consumer


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